When Should You Consider Replacing Your Front Door?

Your front door is an important part of your property, whether domestic or commercial, and it is crucial that you keep it in good condition. Most modern front doors are designed to be long-lasting and can provide great protection and security to a building for decades, given the right care and attention.

However, nothing lasts forever, and there may come a time when your front door becomes damaged or deteriorates and you need an upgrade. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider replacing your front door with a newer model.

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You’re having problems opening and closing the door

Do you find that your door sticks when you open or close it? Do you have to exert more force than usual to get in and out of your property? This could be a sign that your door has shifted on its hinges or (in the case of a timber door) has expanded in the heat, creating too tight a fit in the door jamb. Whatever the reason, a door that doesn’t close easily is not something you can realistically sustain over a long period of time.

Wear, tear, and damage

Even the best front doors will suffer damage or deterioration over time. Regular day-to-day use can result in scratches and dents. Not only do these look bad, they can weaken the structural integrity of the door itself, making it easier for burglars and trespassers to break it down.

Fallen locks and other security measures

Speaking of burglars, there’s nothing better for them than a front door that won’t lock properly. If the tongue of your lock becomes misaligned or your tumbler falls into place, you will not be able to lock the door, leaving you with a major security weakness that is easily exploited. While you can certainly hire a locksmith to repair the issue or fit a new lock, sometimes a new door might be more cost-effective in the long run.

Poor energy efficiency

Modern uPVC and composite doors are great at keeping the warm air in and keeping out the cold. This greatly reduces thermal transfer, limiting the amount of heat lost through the door and lowering your energy bills. If you’re experiencing higher fuel usage or can feel draughts and cold spots around your front door, you may need a more energy-efficient model.


Of course, your front door might be perfectly serviceable, performing everything that you would reasonably expect from it. It could be that the only thing you don’t like about it is the way it looks. Aesthetic considerations are just as important as any practical qualities. If your door is looking a little old-fashioned or you just fancy a change of style, then a new front door installation might be just the thing.

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