Community thinking should be at the heart of construction

We shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us” – Winston Churchill

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, a key part of our social values is based on how we can help and improve the communities we are living and working in.

Community thinking

Every project we take on will have some form of community impact. Whether we are commissioned to construct a single story extension in a private domestic dwelling, or a full refit of a multi-storey commercial building in a city centre; our work will have some form community impact, in that it affects the lives of the people living there.

Our many years of construction experience has taught us that from concept, through to planning and construction, we need to consider the community and the environment we are working in, when undertaking any construction project.

Every action we take has an effect on the client, our team and the wider community we are working in and we need to consider the following:

What is the overall goal for this project?

How positive can we make the final result?

What short-term negative impact will our project have on the client and the wider community?

How can we limit or mitigate this?

What long-term impact will this have for our client and the wider community?

How best can we achieve this?

Here at Thextons Properties we really do put our best effort into every project because we all know that as a team we are investing in our future and the future of the communities we are working in.

Community thinking is at the heart of our planning

Here at Thextons Properties every construction project we engage in receives the same consistent level of quality and safety – we know and acknowledge that sometimes the project may run less smoothly than anticipated, but again, our experience and dedication helps us to get every project right for every client – that is why community engagement and impact is one of the biggest considerations for us before the ground is broken or a brick is laid.