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EQUANS Case Studies

EQUANS stands as a frontrunner in the facilities management sector, functioning as an autonomous entity within the ENGIE Group. ENGIE, a significant player in renewable energy investment and storage, boasts an extensive property portfolio that spans the United Kingdom and international locations. Operating independently under the ENGIE Group’s banner, EQUANS is entrusted with the responsibility of providing technical services and managing the facilities within this expansive real estate portfolio. With a global workforce exceeding 74,000 professionals, EQUANS shares a resolute commitment with its parent company to reduce carbon emissions within the housing sector.

Our work with EQUANS

EQUANS, a substantial investor in the North West, has played a pivotal role in numerous construction projects throughout the region. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with them on several of these endeavours. Below, you can explore comprehensive project descriptions and view high-resolution images that showcase our successful partnerships. If you’re interested in learning more about these projects or exploring opportunities for similar endeavours, we encourage you to reach out to Thextons today.

Greengate House

2020 – 8 weeks – £40,000

Greengate House offers sheltered accommodation for vulnerable people – often women who have escaped abusive relationships. The building is made up of several mini-apartments where residents can live in safety, as well as shared communal areas.

We were instructed to install windows for both the communal areas and the apartments themselves. Because of the nature of the project, all installations had to be of the highest quality and incorporate the most effective and up-to-date security measures for the safety of the building’s residents.

To this end, we installed double-glazed windows with multi-locking points to provide additional security. Furthermore, we fitted vertical bars on the windows at ground level, both for the communal areas and the apartments. While we trust the strength of our double-glazed units, these security bars guarantee that nobody can break into the property by brute force.

What EQUANS Has to Say About Us

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How Thextons Can Help You

As you can see from these various projects on which we have worked alongside EQUANS, Thextons is a versatile business partner for any construction job. If you have a similar project that could benefit from our experience and technical aptitude, contact the team today on 0151 608 2278 to discuss it. Alternatively, send us an email to and we will have someone call you back as soon as possible.